Feathers, Capes & Christy Turlington

To close out New York Fashion Week, Marc Jacobs delivered once again, a show worth talking about.  Supermodel Christy Turlington shut the show down in the final look of Jacob’s collection on Wednesday night.  The last time Christy Turlington, (now Turlington-Burns), walked the runway for Marc Jacobs was in 1993 for his collection as Creative Director of Perry Ellis.  See her Perry Ellis look below.

            About her return, Christy said this on Instagram, “I turned 50 this year (Jan. 2, 2019) and arrived at the place where ‘Why the F not’ is the answer that comes up when I ask myself questions.” 

            Christy adds, she looks for every opportunity possible to connect with her 15 year old daughter, Grace Burns.  Christy notes a few models who her daughter views as role models like Karlie Kloss, Kaia Gerber, and Gigi Hadid, who share Marc Jacobs’ F/W 19 runway with her mom.  Adorned in a black feather dress, Victorian style boots, and an adorable hat embellished with feathers, Christy sauntered down the runway without missing a step. 

            Karlie Kloss made a rare runway appearance here too.  Kloss seen an exaggerated tweed cape, with over-the-knee leather boots, and an outrageous feathered cap stunned early on in the collection.

            There were oversized plaid capes, ocean blue capes matching with pullovers, and mint green trench coats reminding us of last season’s spectacular show. 

            One of the best looks of the night was the fantasy inducing black and white wedding gown.  Styled simply with sparkly, pinstripe stockings, a silver hair barrette, and small hoop earrings, any bride looking for a unique, reception gown would fawn over this one.  Black feathers cascaded out of the bust line, adorned with a silk ribbon.  Hand painted silhouettes, haphazardly placed against the white silk, add to the fantasy of the gown.

            What do you think of the dramatic looks from Marc Jacob’s latest collection?

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