Dream in Color by Prada


By: Ashleigh K. Copeland

Over the years, Miuccia Prada has turned out some memorable fashion shows for the brand in her namesake.  Prada continues to outdo herself by leaping to new creative heights every season.  Each collection has an inspiration made real by the scenery, music, and ambiance of her runway shows.  Prada asks you to dream bigger, look into the future, and expand your ideas about what fashion is supposed to be.  For 11 minutes, the audience is brought into the mind of Miuccia Prada and her team.  It is apparent how detail-oriented the Prada team is when it comes to the brand’s footwear & accessories collections.

For Prada’s spring 2019 collection the shining lights of the entire show are the accessories.  Each model is adorned with a futuristic, 1960s inspired head piece.  Some are studded to look like crowns, others are finished with a colorful satin.  Either way, every women walking on the runway looks like they are rocking a crown.


Legwear is another huge take way in the accessories division.  Every look is accompanied by opaque knee highs with the signature, triangular, Prada logo showcased on the side of the calf.  These school girl style knee highs won’t be considered a fall-only staple going into 2019.

Along with legwear comes footwear.  The always innovative mind of Prada does not disappoint this season.  Platform oxfords that are reminiscent of Nike Air Max 270s, at least the extreme fashion version of them.  Slingback, negative heel, Mary Jane pumps, with peep-toe and Prada logo accents, in colors to match the bags.  Last but not least, new age loafers and flat sandals made in multi-colored knitted fabrics.

IMAGESbags, eyewear, shoes-03

Of course, who can live without fawning over the fantastic handbags almost every model carried on the crook of her arm.  Luxurious leathers in red, stark white, creamy ivory, black, baby doll pink, saddle tan, and even tie-dye.  As usual, Prada will be dictating the eyewear trends for next year as well.  Back to oversized, flamboyant, pieces of art used to protect your eyes from those UV rays.


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