Is MK Trying Too Hard?

By: Ashleigh K. Copeland

The eclectic fashions Michael Kors shows for his spring 2019 collection, gives the brand in his namesake new life.  Though, we are not 100% sure if this new life is living up to the luxurious quality we are accustom to from Kors.  The jet-setter lifestyle the brand is known for still rings true, but in a much needed youthful approach.  The tailoring and skin-tight, white skinny jeans, we usually see on a MK runway, are replaced by sleekly cut mini dresses and flowy maxi skirts.  The bright turquoise, lime, and watermelon printed fabrics bring a light hearted approach to the rebranding effort.  However, the new fabric prints seem to look of lesser quality than the classic camel, saddle, and navy fabrications usually seen from him.


For the spring 2019 collection, bold tropical prints in stretch fabrics dominated.  Platforms and espadrille style thick, strap sandals in white, pink, blue, and black are stand-outs.  Paradise printed, drawstring beach bags are paired with graphic sweaters with “Michael Kors Beach Club” printed on them, and chicly wrapped head scarves adorn the heads of black and white models alike.  There is no mistaking the inspiration for this collection, although in your face, not over the top or too repetitive, the same cannot be said for the music choice.  The same phrasing over and over again, during the ten minute show, is so monotonous the clothes are the least of your worries.


While trying to grab the attention of millennials, Kors seems to have missed the mark a bit on the actual execution of the collection.  Loyal followers of MK adore the feeling the brand evokes, more than the actual pieces.  Which is why the company has been struggling financially for quite some time.  In 2017, MK announced the closure of 125 stores due to, “a difficult retail environment with elevated promotional levels,” as well as stale product and in-store experience, according to  So, one can understand the need for a total 180 degree change, but veering too far right, or too far left can have just as much of a negative impact on business as remaining stagnate.



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