Every Woman on the Runway

After so many seasons of calling for diversity on the runway, Becca McCharen-Tran of Chromat throws open the door and finally answers the call.  Yes, I’m talking about full diversity and inclusion of all who love fashion. Plus-size (hate that we call all women who are not stick thin this term), skinny (but not sickly), … Continue reading Every Woman on the Runway


How to Confidently Be Aggressive & A Little Nasty

A brand best known for its menswear, breaks out with an all-women’s wear runway show.  The 31 look collection by Linder comes out like a whistling tea kettle filled with Ketel One instead of water.  From the very first look, the audience realizes the lack of clothing Linder is serving on a silver platter. Designers … Continue reading How to Confidently Be Aggressive & A Little Nasty