Kenzo Goes Fast Fashion

By: Ashleigh K. Copeland

Kenzo x H&M collaboration to hit stores and online November 3rd!

This collaboration has the potential to produce huge sales for H&M, but is also Kenzo’s resurgence into the US market.  Currently, there are no Kenzo brick-and-mortar stores in the United States (2016), only a select few department stores carry the brand, and mainly online. It’s main market place is over-sees in Paris, France.

By collaborating with H&M, Kenzo is able to stick its toes into the US marketplace. Although the fast-fashion, H&M consumer, is different than the high fashion consumer that usually gravitates towards Kenzo, a broader audience will be introduced to the brand.

Carol Lim and Humberto Leon took creative control of Kenzo five years ago, and aimed to introduce fashionistas to the brand at all different price points.  Humberto Leon tells WWD, “Early on, we said, ‘Why can’t one brand encompass a breadth of prices.’  We challenged the process and the pricing. You can enter the Kenzo brand in different ways.” Examples of the introductory price points Leon is talking about are t-shirts ranging from $60 to $120.

Kenzo T Shirt.jpg
Tiger T-Shirt $120
Kenzo Fan girl.jpg
Numer One Fan Sweatshirt $240











As for the H&M collab, shoppers can count on the line being tailored to the brands identity and aesthetic.  Loud pops of colors, graphic prints, loads of layers, and a chance to “express yourself” through fashion.  Watch the promo video of the collabs fashion show from Wednesday Oct. 19 below.


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