The Ability to Transcend Trends

By: Ashleigh K. Copeland

Amidst the current tone of androgyny and ultra-masculine inspired fashions, currently in stores for fall 2016 and looking ahead on the runways for spring 2017, the Marchesa spring 2017 collection is a welcomed break.


It is nice to see beautifully crafted florals and metallics on the runway again.  Two fabrications traditionally thought of for spring, but for the past few years have been missing from our repertoire.  Everything in this collection inspires me, and honestly, makes me proud to be a woman.


From the dainty music, to the mermaid and jellyfish inspired details of the gowns, the hair, the makeup, the accessories, and the shoes.  It all brings me back to a time when I imagined mermaids were real, and they had the ability to walk freely among us.  They would use jellyfish, sea shells, sea weed, and other sea creatures to adorn themselves with.


In a time where women have to compete with men more than ever, it is nice to be able to acknowledge our femininity and princess-like side.  Sometimes it is okay to just want to look pretty and feel beautiful.  Marchesa’s spring 2017 collection does both.  See the full show below.  2D images just don’t do these garments justice.



Images via ; Photo credit: Yannis Vlamos


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