Chanel’s Cyber Inspired Show

The theme for Chanel's ready-to-wear spring 2017 show..CYBER..????? Well I'm not sure what message Karl Lagerfeld is trying to convey with a giant mother board background, techno/electronica music, and two robot models who opened the show.  A mix of traditional Chanel knits and prints, an update to the class CC logo flats, a dash of … Continue reading Chanel’s Cyber Inspired Show


Man Repeller’s First Shoe Collection

Leandra Medine, founder of Man Repeller, just started a shoe line!  Exclusively launching on the online fashion retailer Net-A-Porter, Medine's eccentric sense of style shines. "I've learned that shoes, more than any other accessory, maintain an incredible escapist quality," says Leandra Medine about the MR by Man Repeller collection.  She also says her favorite shoe … Continue reading Man Repeller’s First Shoe Collection