The Montage of Michael Costello

One of the first shows of NYFW I was looking forward to was Michael Costello.  The Project Runway alumni is known for his impeccable tailoring and creative evening gowns.

Unfortunately, the show left me wondering if Costello’s S/S 17′ collection is an homage to the worst trends of the 1980s; or a montage of every idea he did not execute during his time on Project Runway.

There was too much satin-like fabrication for my liking.  Under the harsh lights of a runway it was hard to tell if the first half of his collection was made from satin or a poly-blend, but the piece looked overworked.

I was left wondering, couldn’t anyone step in and say, “Hey Michael, you might want to set a focus and clear direction for your collection,” or at the very least help him edit what he planned to show.

Here are a few of my favorite looks.


Then, there are…other looks…

Images via



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