A New Kind of Star Spangled Banner

Without a doubt Mother Monster, a.k.a Lady Gaga stole the show tonight at Super Bowl 50.  Although the big game had yet to begin, when Gaga took to the stage she brought the house down.

gaga anthem

Lady Gaga sings the National Anthem at Super Bowl 50/ Photo: Sean M. Haffey

Her performance had all the theatrics of a half-time performance, which was lagging by the way.  Jet planes flying over Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara, CA, live piano playing, the crowd singing along, and cheers that echoed throughout the country.  Lady Gaga’s Super Bowl performance will surely go down in history as one of the best National Anthems in history.

Although her voice is what everyone will remember tomorrow, everyone is talking about what she wore, today.  Check out her glitter-tastic eyeshadow, patrioic, custom Gucci suit and platform pumps.


Lady Gaga giving it all at Super Bowl 50/ Photo: Getty via PopSugar.com


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