Finding the Right Fit!

Bundle Up Kuba Dabrowski Milan

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Finding the perfect winter coat can be a struggle when the winter winds blow through New England.  The best thing to help you get through a rough nor’easter, below zero temps, and seemingly endless hours of shoveling, is in a great down coat.  The problem I tend to have with down coats is the puffiness.  I want to be warm without looking like a marshmallow.  I always look for a long down coat, when the summer dulls down and I head back to school.  However, I rarely find a long down coat that is my size, the right color.

Olivia Wilde Puffy Coat

Olivia Wilde

On nights when I am waiting on the T platform, and the D Line train seems to be taking its sweet time, I long for a toasty coat to cover my legs.  Although I can never seem to find a coat long enough, (I mind as well just buy a snowsuit actually), my DKNY army green mid-length down coat does the trick.

When I shop for a coat the color is the first thing that grabs my attention.  But when I look for my size, I’m never sure exactly what size to pick.  I know I’ll be bundling up in endless layers in the winter.  But, in late fall I don’t want to be sweating under pounds of fabric.  Here are some simple tips I’ve picked up along the way to find just the right size…

  1. Check the labels. If you find a coat that’s lined with fur make sure it’s faux.  Besides the obvious animal rights reason, you can wash it.  There’s no doubt your coat will get dirty, so throwing it in the washer is easier & more economical than the dry cleaners.
  2. Check the fur trim. If the hood has fur trim, make sure it’s detachable by buttons or snaps.  This way you can take it off when you wash your coat, otherwise it’ll be ruined.
  3. Be sure to zip the coat all the way up. Even if you don’t think you’ll ever wear it like this.  You’ll be able to tell if the coat will work when you wear a thick scarf, or cowl neck sweater.
  4. Be sure you can fit a sweater underneath. Raise both arms up to shoulder height (in a T shape).  If you can see fabric gathered on the shoulders the coat is the perfect size for wearing a sweater underneath.
  5. Too much=too big; Not even=too small. Stand up straight with your arms relaxed by your side.  If the coat is too big, the fabric on your centerback wil pucker too much.  If it’s too small, the fabric in the center back will not have any give.  Have a buddy or a sales associate see if they can gather fabric on your center back.  If they can, you have the perfect fit!

Happy Shopping!


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3 thoughts on “Finding the Right Fit!

  1. Magpie says:

    Great tips for buying a winter coat. Sometimes I find myself admiring someone’s good looking taste in outer wear, only to wonder, “did you look in the mirror before making that purchase?”
    I’ve come to realize some people will buy things they like even if it might not fit. Sadly, I’ve even seen women squeeze their toes into a very small, too tight shoe. I guess an ill-fitting coat wouldn’t be much of a stretch. Again, thanks for the tips. Keep keeping on.


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