Gold Label Halloween Inspiration

A Basket Case Going to the Ball

A Basket Case Going to the Ball

While the shows of NYFW, LFW, PFW & MFW may be over, I still refer back to all my favorite shows of the season.  One show that I find perfect for inspiration for Halloween costumes, makeup, and over all spirit of the season is Vivienne Westwood‘s Gold Label S/S 15’ show.

Saying her show was theatrical, is an understatement!  Technicolor chandeliers, American Horror Story-esq music, & classic Vivienne Westwood punk, (re-invention-ed traditional, costume-y, Alice in Wonderland fairy tale looks), are just some of the phrases that come to mind to describe this collection.  She seamlessly blends women’s wear and menswear into one show, from swimwear pieces, to evening blazers, and gowns.

A Doll in Couture

A Doll in Couture

A Bed Sheet Ghost

A Bed Sheet Ghost

Like always, I watch Westwood’s shows with looks of confusion (brows furrowed, eyes widened, and a variety of other facial expressions).  But, I respect her point-of-view, creativity, and unwavering aesthetic.  These are things I expect from her shows.  Westwood knows how to do just that, put on a show.  Watch the show below.

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