Summer Time

The best way to jazz up a plain Jane strapless dress is to ACCESSORIZE!
I love strapless dresses for summer because they are a more sophisticated look in warm weather than halter dresses.  However, solid color dresses like the one below can look boring without the right jewelry and shoes.
The daisy earrings are a fun take on studs, but don’t pull the focus away from the dress like a chandelier earring or hoop would.  Black cat-eye sunglasses are a classic, and a must-have item for anytime of year.  The coral pointed- toe pumps liven up the look, and the dainty floral print bag brings everything together.
Last, but not least…the jeweled belt cinches in your waist and adds an embellishment to your look!
Summer Time
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2 thoughts on “Summer Time

  1. Magpie says:

    I like all the pieces shown, however, I really like the way you put your styles in place without being overly ‘matchy, matchy.’ Having your own sense of style makes you a trend setter, and not a fashion follower.Sometimes people think an outfit is only complete when bag, shoes, belt, etc. are the same color. Even the right belt, standing alone, can complete a look.
    Kudos to you for being courageous and unique enough to stay interesting.


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