Garden Inspiration

I wish I could say spring is in full bloom here in Boston, but the cold weather is still lingering.
But, brightening up your wardrobe could really put a pep in your step!
The latest craze in nail color is Butter London. Coming in a variety of shades with names like
“Bossy Boots” and “Cheeky Chops”.   
If a bright floral print is too bold for your style, try a fluorescent nail color or accessory.
Finally, pull together this fresh spring look by adding flashy gold jewelry.
Garden Inspiration

5 thoughts on “Garden Inspiration

  1. Magpie says:

    Ashkaci, For the most part, I don’t usually comment, but today I feel like sharing. So, I like your style. One minute it leans toward slightly trendy, then, you double back to your traditional, yet classic ways. On a whim, you drop a hint of color in the least expected way. Usually, it’s something I wouldn’t have thought to do, but, for the most part, I end up liking it. For instance the way the yellow dress and chanel bag mesh, then, the pop of coral actually would look nice after a mani/pedi. I guess that’s what makes a fashionista. Keep up the good work.


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