Louis Vuitton Street Style

Louis Vuitton is not the brand I would expect to incorporate something like street art into their collection.  But, the traditional brand has done just that.  For the past two seasons Louis Vuitton has been collaborating with up-and-coming street artists, to design scarves.  The brand continues to support the street art scene with their Spring/Summer 2014 pieces.

Andre's LV ScarfINT LV Scarf meltyfashion.fr

The inspiration for Louis Vuitton street art collaborations came from the legendary artist and designer Stephen Sprouse.  Prior to Stephen Sprouse LV Scarfdeveloping his brand of effortlessly blending graffiti and punk rock, he designed for Halston in the 1970s.  He is known for designing Debbie Harry’s (lead singer of Blondie) on-stage costumes, after leaving Halston in the 1980s.  Sprouse sadly passed away at the age of 50 in 2004, after a successful career in fashion and art.

Kenny Scharf LV Scarf

It will be interesting to see where the brand goes from here, now that Marc Jacobs has resigned as Creative Director of Louis Vuitton, to focus on his own line and recharge creatively.

Images via Google & French Vogue.com & Style.com



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