#DieselREBOOT Campaign

By: Ashleigh K. Copeland

As seen on @VogueItalia (.com), Diesel is rebooting their brand.  Artistic Director Nicola Formichetti is changing the way we look Diesel Campaign 3at fashion campaigns.  Instead of using the “typical model” for the spring 2014 campaign, dubbed #DieselReboot, he is using models us common folk can relate to.  This is Diesel’s way of establishing their brand is one everyone, should/can wear.

He is also utilizing social media to fully involve artists, innovators, future stars of fashion, & all around fans of Diesel to create something that has never been done before.  Other brands have used social media similarly, by asking for feedback from their customers & fans.  But, #DieselReboot is much more than that.

Formichetti is giving everyone a chance to share their creative forms of expressions through what he calls “Missions”, using the #DieselReboot & contributing at dieselreboot.tumblr.com.  He wants to know what inspires you, asks you to break something, and wants you to submit your artwork to be displayed at a “Paris Debut”.

Anytime a brand wants to re-invent itself, the main goal is usually to reach a broader audience, and get people talking.  Diesel and their new Artistic Director have that goal, but are taking a road rarely traveled by placing the vision in the hands of their Twitter & Tumblr followers.


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