Top 10 Reasons Why Being A Girl Is Hard

*These are in no particular order, just the way I thought of them*

1. Boys: They can be your family, best friend, boyfriend, worst enemy, make you feel awesome, make you feel horrible…basically mood swings exist simply because boys & girls have to interact with one another.

2. Other Girls: I could spend hours ranting about how other girls make girls’ lives difficult, but that is for another post.

Period3. Period: If you’re a girl reading this, do I even need to explain?  If you’re a guy reading this, even explaining this couldn’t make you understand.

4. Having a Butt & Boobs to worry about or on the other side of the spectrum, not having a butt & boobs & worrying about that

5. Being “Preggers”: Haven’t been yet, but heard it’s not the most comfortable thing.

6. Wearing Heels: The right pair can class up any outfit, make your legs look absolutely fabulous, and bring the girly-girly out in the tommiest Tom-Boy you know.  However, they hurt.  I don’t care if you love wearing stilettos everyday & say your just used to the pain.  Heels hurt your feet.  Ladies, do your feet a favor & wear flats from time to time.  Or at the very least invest in some Dr. Scholls inserts or something, your feet (and back for that matter) will thank you later.

7. Shopping: We’re in a love/hate relationship at the moment.  Things I love are either too expensive or too small.  I hate trying clothes on in dressing rooms because I never feel the mirrors are accurate.  If I spend too much time mulling things over in there, the fitting room attendant might think I’m stealing.

8. Other Worldly Forces: There’s really no explanation for this one.  It’s just a phrase I use to explain away my problems fromGirls time to time.  For example, I’m walking to class and it starts to rain, but I don’t have an umbrella.  So, instead of blaming myself for not checking the weather before I left the house, I say, “Great, the universe just wants me to ruin my taupe suede riding boots!”

9. Societal Pressures: To lose weight/gain weight, wear your hair a certain way, be a certain age, dress/not dress certain ways, be beautiful/not ugly, be soft-spoken/not really because you have to be strong & exude confidence, find a man to take care of you/be independent, and I’m sure there’s so many more but I can’t think of anymore right now because I’m tired.

10. Self-Doubt:  Not that guys don’t have this problem too because everyone doubts themselves from time to time.  But, girls get down on themselves for a variety of reasons more frequently than guys do.  Whether it’s about their looks, feelings, thoughts, or whatever else.  No matter how harsh other people are, usually a girl’s worst enemy is herself.



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