This is awesome!

Warby Parker 2

From time to time I surf through the inter-webs looking for interesting fashion blogs and information.  Today, I came across a post from Nylon magazine’s blog about a cool eye wear company called Warby Parker.  This company is AWESOME!  It may be because I desperately need a new pair of glasses (mine are from middle school), or their video (watch below), but I immediately started searching for my new pair of glasses.




Image via Warby


2 thoughts on “This is awesome!

  1. Magpie says:

    Being visually challenged is difficult enough, but dealing with the four-eyes-effect while looking fashionably appealing adds a bit more strain to the situation. Been wearing glasses since age 10; let’s just say it’s been a couple of decades since I woke up, and saw the alarm clock clearly without contacts or glasses. Warby Parker may become my new bff. Thank you Ashkaci. You always have wonderful ideas and tips to share. I LIKE!


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