Lucky 13

From the beginning with “Z Spoke”, to Johnny Weir, spring trends, and finally with Burn Rubber, I hope you have found inspiration within these last 13 posts.  Be creative, be yourself, find your style, be free, be happy, and most of all enjoy life.  The smallest things in life can give us the boost we need to power through the rest of our day.  Sometimes, all you need is a little inspiration!

I know I certainly have discovered somethings about myself through the first half of February.  I have always been passionate about fashion, which is why I started this blog.  But, there are so many other aspects pertaining to fashion that are interesting too.  Fashion is about more than just trends, and designers, and pretty pictures, it is a part of popular culture that reaches all people from all walks of life. Whether you know it or not, the life you live everyday is affected in some way by the fashion industry.  From the sheets on your bed, to the clothes you choose to wear when you get up in the morning, and even the type of car you drive to work everyday, fashion’s influence is all around us.

Bon Qui Qui

Check back next week for more posts on fashion and culture.  But until then, I leave you with this funny fashion video from Alexander Wang below!

Happy 2013!


Image via YouTube


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