The Birth of Nasty Gal


Founder & former CEO of, Sophia Amoruso

Nasty Gal is the latest fashion site everyone is talking about to find unique clothing, accessories, and vintage pieces.  But unlike other vintage websites, Nasty Gal has an inspiring back story of entrepreneurial spirit. Founder, Sophia Amoruso began selling clothing on eBay in 2006, because she loved all things vintage.  In 2008, Amoruso started her own e-commerce site called


If Amoruso’s [successful] intention with Nasty Gal, to curate pieces for a customer who is “the coolest girl in the room”, does not impress you, how about her profits?  In Nasty Gal‘s first year, Amoruso raked in $72,000, but has since gained $28 million in revenue (2011).  That’s right she actually turned her love of vintage clothing and fashion into a career!

If you’re asking “Why Nasty Gal?”, Amoruso has a great explanation. The site was inspired by the Betty Davis song, “Nasty Gal”. On the website, Betty Davis is described as, “the patron saint of bad-ass women… known for her unapologetically sexy funk music which comprises our vision of femininity.”

In 2013, anyone with drive, ambition, the right knowledge, and passion can be somebody.

Happy 2013!




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