Johnny Weir Adds Columnist To His Repertoire

Two time Olympic figure skater and U.S. National Champion Johnny Weir-Voronov’s new column Johnny’s World: Giggle.

Found here:

Since I started following Weir-Voronov’s career after his famous “Swan Program” he brought to the 2006 Olympics in Torino, I was excited to see he was writing his first column.  As a figure skater myself, I could relate to the way Weir describes his feelings of freedom, athleticism, and the power a skater has to captivate their audience with their performance.

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          Even if you’re not a figure skater, or a fan of @JohnnyGWeir, or do not follow figure skating, you can find inspiration in the message Weir leaves you with in his column.  He has transformed from flamboyant figure skater, to TV personality, best-selling author, dress designer, and face of M.A.C. makeup, to an all-around entertainer.  Enjoy the read and come back tomorrow for more inspiration J

Happy 2013!


photo from latimes blog                                                                                                                                                             photo from

Johnny weir_gloves                                                                               Derby

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