Zac Posen’s Glamour Girl

       It’s 2013! For most people the start of a New Year is an opportunity to start fresh and resolve to make this year better than the last.
Typical resolutions of losing weight, eating healthier, managing your money better, helping people, or managing stress are good, but what about a less traditional resolution?  Like how to find inspiration from the little things in life to be more positive, happy, and artistic.

Inspiration can come at any time, from anywhere, or anyone.  You just have to know where to look.  Starting today through February 14th I will be posting some sources I grab inspiration from in art, fashion, culture, music and more.


Look_27Look_04 Model Coco Rocha in

“Z Spoke by Zac Posen”

Here’s day one of my 13 Days of Inspiration with a video from American fashion designer and recent addition to the judging panel on Project Runway, Zac Posen.   This behind the scenes video was taken to promote Posen’s Spring 2013 collection for “Z Spoke by Zac Posen”.

Although the 27 look collection consists of typical spring-like colors, (pink, orange, green, and red), all of Posen’s pieces are unique and unexpected for the typical Zac Posen collection.  This spring’s “Z Spoke” girl can be sitting behind a desk at work one minute, having a lady-lunch with her best friends the next, and float off to a gala later in the evening.  Posen’s inspiration from the late 1940-1950’s woman, is seen in silhouettes he used for his blazers, “pin-up girl-Esq” dresses, and sunglasses.  As well as his Old Hollywood evening gowns that Rocha exudes confidence and femininity in, staying true to Posen ‘s aesthetic.

Enjoy, and check back tomorrow for more inspiration!



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