Alexander McQueen S/S 2013

This year’s Paris fashion week runways were filled with innovation and creativity.  One designer collection that stood out was Alexander McQueen.  Always known for surprising the audience with a theatrical masterpiece, this spring/ summer 2013 collection had everyone in the fashion world buzzing with excitement.

The runway was made to look like honeycomb tile, and the backdrop was littered with images of bees.  Towards the end of the show, you could even hear the buzzing of bees over the pulsating music mix.  The white tile reflected distorted images of the colorful backdrop, adding further intrigue to the show.

The first three looks had a black-and-gold honeycomb-patterned see-through skirt paired with either a Jacquard blazer, a bolero jacket, or a corset.  All the models wore black bee keeper mesh hats and tortoise-shell chocker necklaces or belts.  When asked about the inspiration for her collection Sarah Burton, the creative director of Alexander McQueen said, “I don’t know what started it.  Maybe female worker bees, like all of us in the studio.”

The audience finally saw colors reminiscent of spring with pastel yellow, tan, red, white, and hot melon garments walking down the runway.  Inspiration from the Renaissance time period was seen in the ultra-feminine dresses with the sex appeal up turned up to a level 10.  A modern-day Marie Antoinette would definitely have the dresses and gowns from this collection in her closet.  Low plunging necklines, wide, full skirts, and corsets were incorporated into every look.  There were several nods to the famous farthingales women in the Renaissance wore seen as well.

McQueen Flower Dresses

The perfect finale

The last four looks were amazing ball gowns!  They showed impeccable construction, imagination, and tied the entire collection together.   The red, yellow, and black gowns were the perfect finale to an innovative group of garments for spring 2013.  This collection Burton designed certainly lived up to the legacy and high standard left by the late Lee Alexander McQueen.


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